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3 Signs It's Time for a New Roof

We get it, replacing a roof is a big commitment, but with your roof constantly exposed to the elements, they don’t last forever. We compiled a short list of three signs you need a new roof.

Missing Shingles

Missing shingles are the biggest sign you need a roof replacement. When a shingle weakens and starts separating from the course below it, all it takes is a small gust of wind to send it flying off. It’s always a good idea to call in your local contractor to check out your roof to make sure it isn’t just one or two shingles falling off (which can be a relatively quick repair).

You’ve had your roof for over 20 years

Yes, roofs age! When a roof hits its 20 year mark, you will begin to notice a lot more signs of decline. It’s important to make note of your roof's lifespan, as not all will have a lifespan of 25 years, to ensure you are getting the proper care for your roof.

Water Damage

Signs of water damage inside your home is a telltale sign that your roof is no longer holding up. Whatever the cause is, leaks don’t just get better on their own. The last thing you want is for a leaky roof to lead to mold and attract different types of pests.

Think your roof fits into any of these categories? Submit a form for your free estimate and let Devine Roofing handle the rest!

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