The roofing industry is constantly changing. Here at Devine Roofing Company we adapt to our surroundings by introducing the newest and most effective materials and installations all ranging from 10-35 year warranties. We offer a wide variety of roof systems and installation practices. We train all employees in our system to produce a value that can't be beat. Our expert installers are capable of handling any of your roofing concerns. Whether it’s new construction, removals, redesigning or repairing existing roof systems that may leak or drain improperly, DEVINE ROOFING WE DON'T ONLY OFFER YOU QUALITY WORK WE CREATE VALUE WITH A GOOD NAME OVERHEAD.

Thermoplastic Polyolefin  (TPO)

Thermoplastic Polyolefin (TPO) is a single-ply reflective roofing membrane made from polyprophylene and ethylene-propylene rubber polymerized together. It is typically installed in a fully adhered or mechanically attached system, allowing the white membrane to remain exposed throughout the life of the roof.

  • 10- 35 Year Warranties

  • 3 basic colors White, Tan, Grey

  • Fully Adhered

  • Mechanically Attached

  • Ballasted 

A metal roof is a roofing system made from metal panels or tiles. It is a component of the building envelope. Metal roofing can be used for steep slope as well as low slope roofs because of their hydrostatic, or water barrier characteristics. Very stylish and productive

Liquid Applied Roofing

Liquid Roofing is the process of waterproofing a roof by the application of a specialist liquid roof coating. It is suited to all types of roof, including flat, pitched, and domed. New and Old

10-20 Year Warranties

Crane Services

PVC is produced by calendaring, spread coating or extruding, and typically are reinforced with polyester or glass-fiber mats or scrim. PVC sheets contain plasticizers and stabilizers, as well as other additives to impart flexibility and achieve other desired physical properties. 

  • 10-30 Year Warranties

  • 2 Basic colors White and Grey

  • Fully Adhered

  • Mechanically Attached

  • Ballasted 

Ethylene propylene diene monomer  rubber
SBS and Modified Bitumen

EPDM rubber (ethylene propylene diene monomer rubber), a type of synthetic rubber, is an elastomer characterized by a wide range of applications

  • 10-30 Year Warranties

  • 2 Basic colors White and Black

  • Fully Adhered

  • Mechanically Attached

  • Ballasted 

SBS Modified Bitumen Roofing Systems incorporate a synthetic rubber-based technology which yields exceptional flexibility, even in extremely low temperatures. SBS membranes may be installed in hot asphalt, cold adhesive or heat welded.

  • 10-20 year Warranties

  • Hot and Cold applications

  • Smooth and Granulated cap sheets

Synthetic roofing shingles, tiles, slates, or "wood" shingles are manufactured using polymer-based or composite materials that may offer improved impact resistance (such as resistance to hail damage). Polymer-based or plastic roofing products are generally about the same weight as laminated asphalt roof shingles, therefore lighter than cement-based shingles, clay roof tiles, or slate roofs.

Asphalt Shingles

An asphalt shingle is a type of wall or roof shingle that uses asphalt for waterproofing. They are one of the most widely used roofing covers in North America because they have a relatively inexpensive up-front cost and are fairly simple to maintain

The most outstanding advantages of NATURAL material roofing is their beauty; slate, stone, wood, and clay roofs stand out very beautiful from a distance as well as from close range.

The other attraction towards these roofs is their durability. Under good treatment and care, thy can last for centuries without any traces of strain. This makes them a roofing material of choice for many home owners and builders

Green Roofing
                and                    Roof Paver Systems

A green roof or living roof is a roof of a building that is partially or completely covered with vegetation and a growing medium, planted over a waterproofing membrane. It may also include additional layers such as a root barrier, drainage and irrigation systems. 

Power Washing
Sheet Metal Fabrications